Paleo Chocolate Almond Fudge

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Chocolate Almond Fudge

I’m so excited to share this recipe! It’s so easy a child could make it! It’s healthy (as healthy as fudge comes!), low carb, high fat, paleo friendly, vegan friendly and child friendly!!

I’ve tried this with peanut butter, 99% dark chocolate and date syrup but this recipe definitely works better and leaves out any sweetener!

If you’re expecting it to taste like actual sugar laden fudge then you will be disappointed but if you view this as the dark chocolate of fudge land then I think you’ll be a happy bunny!

I am a hater of long blog posts on recipes because “JUST SHOW ME THE GOODS ALREADY!” so here we go.

170g crunchy almond butter (you could totally go smooth but this was all I could find and the contrast in texture is great!)

30g raw, unprocessed coconut oil.

100g 85% dark chocolate. If you want it sweeter then you could go for a lower percentage but remember that increases the sugar content!

THAT’S IT! I told you it was easy!


Melt almond butter and coconut oil over a low heat until a smooth liquid forms and pour into a lined baking tin. Melt chocolate into the same pan and swirl through. Freeze for around 30 minutes and hide from the kids so you can eat it all in one sitting! ūüėČ

You’ll want to store them in the fridge if they last long enough because the coconut oil makes them very melty!

I would love to get your feedback on these so please let me know how you get on!


Rosie xxx

Tips for Clear, Healthy, Glowing Skin!

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Some have it, many want it. Which one are you?

Healthy skin is absolutely achievable if you know how. All you need is good nutrition, hydration and a quality skin care & make up brand.

Here are my top tips for clear, healthy, glowing skin.

Number 1 is Water: our bodies are made up of over 60% water. By staying hydrated you ensure the smooth running of your body¬†from clear concentration, elimination of toxins and yes, clear skin! Aim for 2 litres per day and extra if you’re active. Most people struggle to achieve this but by keeping a bottle with you at all times it’s easily achievable.

Next up is¬†Nutrition: you can’t expect to have healthy skin if you don’t put healthy food in your body. Even more importantly you can’t expect to have a healthy body either. Essentials for good skin are vitamins and minerals which play vital roles within the body to keep it working, the skin is an organ too so the same applies. Vitamins and minerals are mostly found in plant sources such as fruit and vegetables. The more the better, green vegetables in particular because they contain the largest variety of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants which protect the cells from damage which leads to ageing skin.

Aim for 2 portions of veggies with each meal to ensure you’re getting enough and snack on fruit for an extra boost of antioxidants, especially apples and blue fruits such as blueberries & blackberries.

B Vitamins are one of the only vitamins you can’t get much of from fruit & vegetables (the other is vitamin D which is mainly produced in the skin and sparsely available from food, most people need to supplement this). If you eat meat then make sure you eat unprocessed, whole meats and you should be able to get your B vitamins in. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan you will most likely need to supplement B Vitamins. B Vitamins are essential for the repair of the body, if you’re breaking out in spots or finding wounds are slow to heal you may be lacking them.

Protein and fat are also essential components for good health and good skin. Proteins are the building blocks for the body. The best sources of protein are fresh, unprocessed meat, chia seeds & hemp seeds. Good fats include oily fish such as Salmon & Mackerel, extra virgin olive oil, avocados, real butter, ghee & coconut oil. These help to transport fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) around the body and help to lower inflammation leading to Рyou guessed it! Рhealthy skin. You do not need to fear fat.

Finally we have good skin care & makeup: cheap products full of chemicals will clog your pores and irritate your skin. A good skin care routine using high quality products will help to keep your skin looking fresh & youthful!

You should always begin with a good cleanser.

If you have oily skin, this is the one for you. For dry skin try this. These are gentle enough for daily use and won’t clog your pores.

Next we tone. This helps to close the pores and soothe the skin after cleansing. This rose water is particularly soothing if you suffer from sensitive skin prone to redness.

Moisturising is essential to replace moisture lost throughout the day and this¬†daily moisturiser is light enough to use every day, it’s non greasy and suitable for sensitive skin.

If you have ageing skin then this serum will be your saviour!

If you’re looking to completely overhaul your beauty and skin care products then this kit will have everything you need.

If you have any questions or requests for future post please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am a transformation consultant working with clients to overhaul their health, nutrition, make up, skin care and hair!

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Put the ‘Why’ Into Your Business

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When you set up a new business, whether it’s your own personal one or you join a network marketing business (which is¬†big business by the way!) you need to know why you’re doing it. If you don’t have any goals then what are you aiming for?

I’m going to tell you my ‘why’, partly for my benefit because it needs to get it written down and partly to give you an example of the type of things many people focus on. Your ‘why’ might be totally different to mine and that’s fine. We lead very different lives I’m sure.

I’m not going to give you the usual sad story about how we lived in a council house on the estate (not that there is anything wrong with that story).

I¬†was¬†in fact brought up in a council house and my mum¬†was a single mum of 4. But I didn’t live in a dangerous estate, no one did drugs, no one stole. In fact we lived in a really nice village where most people were (are) pretty well off. Most people had big houses with land, stables and horses so it was a pretty nice upbringing!¬†We didn’t have money but we were surrounded by people who did and my mum worked for them.

I spent my young years going to work with my mum, while she mucked out the horses and cared for them, I played pool in the play room, jumped on their giant trampoline and swung in their tree swing.

Sometimes she would house sit for them so we would go and stay in their 5 bedroom houses, with big, beautiful country kitchens, huge video collections, conservatories with antique furniture which we¬†weren’t to touch! I would explore these houses, finding hidden staircases to rooms I hadn’t seen before. We would ride the horses and walk the dogs, I would watch film after film because we didn’t have telly at home.

I always had expensive taste – ‘Champagne taste and beer money’ my mum said. ¬†She said I was born into the wrong family, I should have been the only child to rich parents. Maybe, but then would I have the drive to work so hard if it had always been easy?

I got to live the upper/middle class life style part time. It showed me what I¬†could have. You can’t spend time in that environment and not wish you had it.

I’ve gone on to have 3 of my own children and I see the cycle of ‘No we can’t afford it’ repeating as my children, who are¬†just like me ask for expensive things, Disney holidays, dinners out. We’ve had times when I’ve had to deny them snacks because we don’t have food or money to buy more. Which is a worse situation than I ever experienced as a child.

Well I am¬†determined to break that cycle. I will no longer tell my children we can’t afford things. I have found a way to make sure that stops happening and unlike these families who’s houses and horses we looked after, I will not be sending my children to boarding school so I can work all the hours of the day. From the upbringing I had, where we had nothing but experienced everything I have learned the value in hard work and family. By having my mum around I learned how important it is that I’m present for my children, and by experiencing the lifestyle of those with money I’ve learned what we¬†can¬†have.

My¬†‘why’ is having everything we could ever need without sacrificing my time with my children. As I type this my 6 month old is asleep on me and my older children are at school. When they get home my phone and laptop will go away and we will have snacks and they will play on the trampoline while I cook dinner. When they’ve gone to bed I can choose to either sit and do nothing, maybe watch some TV or I can get back to work, to build our life; the life I wanted as a child and still want now. Maybe my ‘why’ is to not only fulfil my children’s wishes but my inner child too. That desire to have the space and freedom and time to do as I please. To keep horses (or rather pay someone else to keep them for me!) to have land, to have time and to have financial freedom.

What’s your ‘why’? Find it and make sure it burns in you. Keep that flame lit and go blazing out into the world.

My name is Rosie and I am a Nutrition Coach & a Forever Living business owner, I’m a Hairdresser, Make Up Artist and a Younique presenter. My passion in life is holistic health, to help people achieve wellness inside and out through good nutrition, good skin care and beautiful make up. Because beauty is so much more than skin deep.

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