Read This Before You Company Hop 

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I’ve noticed a huge trend recently in network marketing of people hopping from company to company. I can only assume they’re looking for the one perfect company to make them rich. I’ve been there. I’ve company hopped, but what I’ve learned is that the more you hop the less people respect you. 

When I joined my current company I had comments like “you’ve already been with several companies you claimed to love and then you left, why should this be any different?” At the time I viewed this as a lack of support in my venture but they’re right! If you’re not finding success in your current company but others are you need to ask yourself WHY?! Why isn’t it working and why do you think the next one will be any different? 

Why should anyone believe that your products, your business is the one to trust when you can’t even stay loyal to one? Why should people choose you as a mentor when you might leave when the going gets tough? You have a responsibility to your customers and team members to be there for them so think carefully before you jump ship! 

Your business thrives because of the effort that YOU put in! Not because the company is better than all the rest! 

Of course if you join a company and it doesn’t spark your passion then moving is the obvious thing to do, but if you’re only moving companies because you’re not moving FORWARD then I’m afraid to say that the exact same thing  is going to happen every single time unless you work on YOU! 

Develop yourself, learn new skills. That’s what it takes to have success in business. It doesn’t take the perfect company, it takes you becoming better, becoming what you need to be to have success. 

Find a company you love and stick with it. Through the bad, the slow, the up, the down. Stick with it and you will be rewarded.  


Put the ‘Why’ Into Your Business

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When you set up a new business, whether it’s your own personal one or you join a network marketing business (which is big business by the way!) you need to know why you’re doing it. If you don’t have any goals then what are you aiming for?

I’m going to tell you my ‘why’, partly for my benefit because it needs to get it written down and partly to give you an example of the type of things many people focus on. Your ‘why’ might be totally different to mine and that’s fine. We lead very different lives I’m sure.

I’m not going to give you the usual sad story about how we lived in a council house on the estate (not that there is anything wrong with that story).

was in fact brought up in a council house and my mum was a single mum of 4. But I didn’t live in a dangerous estate, no one did drugs, no one stole. In fact we lived in a really nice village where most people were (are) pretty well off. Most people had big houses with land, stables and horses so it was a pretty nice upbringing! We didn’t have money but we were surrounded by people who did and my mum worked for them.

I spent my young years going to work with my mum, while she mucked out the horses and cared for them, I played pool in the play room, jumped on their giant trampoline and swung in their tree swing.

Sometimes she would house sit for them so we would go and stay in their 5 bedroom houses, with big, beautiful country kitchens, huge video collections, conservatories with antique furniture which we weren’t to touch! I would explore these houses, finding hidden staircases to rooms I hadn’t seen before. We would ride the horses and walk the dogs, I would watch film after film because we didn’t have telly at home.

I always had expensive taste – ‘Champagne taste and beer money’ my mum said.  She said I was born into the wrong family, I should have been the only child to rich parents. Maybe, but then would I have the drive to work so hard if it had always been easy?

I got to live the upper/middle class life style part time. It showed me what I could have. You can’t spend time in that environment and not wish you had it.

I’ve gone on to have 3 of my own children and I see the cycle of ‘No we can’t afford it’ repeating as my children, who are just like me ask for expensive things, Disney holidays, dinners out. We’ve had times when I’ve had to deny them snacks because we don’t have food or money to buy more. Which is a worse situation than I ever experienced as a child.

Well I am determined to break that cycle. I will no longer tell my children we can’t afford things. I have found a way to make sure that stops happening and unlike these families who’s houses and horses we looked after, I will not be sending my children to boarding school so I can work all the hours of the day. From the upbringing I had, where we had nothing but experienced everything I have learned the value in hard work and family. By having my mum around I learned how important it is that I’m present for my children, and by experiencing the lifestyle of those with money I’ve learned what we can have.

My ‘why’ is having everything we could ever need without sacrificing my time with my children. As I type this my 6 month old is asleep on me and my older children are at school. When they get home my phone and laptop will go away and we will have snacks and they will play on the trampoline while I cook dinner. When they’ve gone to bed I can choose to either sit and do nothing, maybe watch some TV or I can get back to work, to build our life; the life I wanted as a child and still want now. Maybe my ‘why’ is to not only fulfil my children’s wishes but my inner child too. That desire to have the space and freedom and time to do as I please. To keep horses (or rather pay someone else to keep them for me!) to have land, to have time and to have financial freedom.

What’s your ‘why’? Find it and make sure it burns in you. Keep that flame lit and go blazing out into the world.

My name is Rosie and I am a Nutrition Coach & a Forever Living business owner, I’m a Hairdresser, Make Up Artist and a Younique presenter. My passion in life is holistic health, to help people achieve wellness inside and out through good nutrition, good skin care and beautiful make up. Because beauty is so much more than skin deep.

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