Read This Before You Company Hop 

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I’ve noticed a huge trend recently in network marketing of people hopping from company to company. I can only assume they’re looking for the one perfect company to make them rich. I’ve been there. I’ve company hopped, but what I’ve learned is that the more you hop the less people respect you. 

When I joined my current company I had comments like “you’ve already been with several companies you claimed to love and then you left, why should this be any different?” At the time I viewed this as a lack of support in my venture but they’re right! If you’re not finding success in your current company but others are you need to ask yourself WHY?! Why isn’t it working and why do you think the next one will be any different? 

Why should anyone believe that your products, your business is the one to trust when you can’t even stay loyal to one? Why should people choose you as a mentor when you might leave when the going gets tough? You have a responsibility to your customers and team members to be there for them so think carefully before you jump ship! 

Your business thrives because of the effort that YOU put in! Not because the company is better than all the rest! 

Of course if you join a company and it doesn’t spark your passion then moving is the obvious thing to do, but if you’re only moving companies because you’re not moving FORWARD then I’m afraid to say that the exact same thing  is going to happen every single time unless you work on YOU! 

Develop yourself, learn new skills. That’s what it takes to have success in business. It doesn’t take the perfect company, it takes you becoming better, becoming what you need to be to have success. 

Find a company you love and stick with it. Through the bad, the slow, the up, the down. Stick with it and you will be rewarded.  


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